Friday, February 13, 2009


Our SHELF.SPACE concept lets budding entreprenurs, emerging designers or online boutiques set up a retail store with low cost and low risk.

Our concept allows you to have a retail space without the day to day hassle of running a retail store.

SHELF.SPACE concept fosters creative entrepreneurship by cultivating idea sharing among our partners.

The SHELF.SPACE entrepreneurs can rent space on a monthly basis. They then outfit a rack or shelf with their latest designs and biographical information about their line. By not catering to a particular niche, SHELF.SPACE is able to fully embrace the community's diverse style and creativity. The result is a kaleidoscopic shopping experience.


W3 What Women Wants @ Subang Parade

W3 is a 5500 sq feet women only concept store. Here we have a cafe, a nail and waxing salon, cosmetic, skin & hair care and of course's apparel, shoes, accessories and bags. So you can eat, shop and get yourself pamper all under one roof.


How does SHELF.SPACE choose it's partners and allocate SHELF.SPACE to me?
SHELF.SPACE is looking for budding entrepreneurs, emerging designers or online boutiques with original, unique and interesting products and services such as apparel, shoes, bags, accessories etc.

Are there any products in particular that I am not allowed to sell?

As long as the items are non-food and comply with legislative laws, we do not impose any strict restrictions. However, it is advisable to avoid selling similar products and your items should also blend well with the surrounding theme which is women products such as apparel, shoes, bags, accessories etc

Can I sell second hand items ?
No. Vintage or mintage or second hand designer items may be considered but subject to approval.

Can I bring additional items to store?

Yes. However, the amount of storage space is determined by us.

How often can we restock and retrieve our items?
You may restock and retrieve your items on every Sunday of each week.

Do you offer delivery service for items?
No. You have to bring your products to us.

Can we select the space we want?
Yes. Currently we operate on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you can select any space as long as it is still available.

How much does it cost?
Fees varies depending on location, amount of space and the products you wish to sell, amongst other factors.

Is there a minimum period to commit?
Yes. Minimum commitment period is 3 months.

Who sets the selling price of my products?
You set the selling price of your product.

How does SHELF.SPACE know which of my items have been sold?
W3 What Women Want store have a full inventory POS system that tracks all sales of your products and stock.

Do I need to provide my own promoter or sales staff at the store?
No. W3 What Women Want store has it's own sales staff who are trained and encouraged to promote and sell the products on your behalf.

How do I collect my sales revenue?
Every month, we will generate a sales report for the previous month and you will be able to collect your sales revenue (minus commission) by cheque by the 15th of each month.

Do you provide packaging for us?
We only provide plastic bags. If your items come with specific boxes, kindly provide us with the boxes as well.

Do the W3 What Women Want store accept credit card payments from shoppers?
Yes. We accept payments by major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard and we usually accept the local popular debit/charge cards.

I am interested to have my own SHELF.SPACE! How do I start?

Drop us an email at with your products range.
Do give us a brief introduction of yourself, your brand/label and the merchandise you wish to sell via email.

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