Friday, December 08, 2006

Some of our latest designs. Drop by our outlets for more new designs daily.

From Left to Right:
1) Rayon Dress RM59.90,
Rayon Pants RM59.90
2) Cotton Mandarin Blouse RM35.90, Wool Pants RM47.90
3) Rayon Striped Camisole RM15.90, Chiffon Pants RM79.90, Printed Couduroy Sling Bag cum Waist Pouch RM42.90, Necklace RM29.90
4) Striped Pants RM42.90, Cotton Blouse RM37.90, Sling Bag RM42.90, Bangle RM15.90

From Left to Right:
1) Cotton Blouse with Belt RM39.90, Pants RM47.90
2) Chiffon dress RM79.90
3) Camisole RM15.90, Rayon Pants RM59.90
4) Rayon Mini Dress RM59.90
5) Chiffon Off Shoulder Blouse RM42.90, Chiffon Pants RM79.90

From Left to Right:
1) Cotton Embroidered Blouse RM35.90, Cotton Skirt RM37.90
2) Rayon Tube cum Mini Skirt RM35.90, Cotton Pleat Skirt RM37.90
3) Cotton Cropped Blouse RM37.90, Skirt RM37.90

From Left to Right:
1) Linen Jacket RM49.90, Italian Silk Skirt RM39.90, Printed Bag RM45.90
2) Dress RM79.90
3) Rayon Top RM29.90, Cotton Skirt RM37.90, Belt RM35.90


Maygerina said...

Actually u can at your dress,skirt or shirts be more fashion.and your price can be lower a bit~..or u can put in more like mini sling bag or bag that is carry also can...

Forgive that i say all those things...

Daphne said...

Maybe you could come up with more corporate wear. Semi formal wear would be nice if you added it to your collection. Would love to see that in your store!

Anonymous said...

Do u still have the pink rayon dress? said...


The pink rayon dress is still available at all outlets.

Thank you.