Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Ashley said...

Hello. I'm a fan of your clothes and regularly visit the Taipan outlet.

I have a suggestion for you. What about having a sort of member card? Like maybe you can get a discount with the card or you can accumulate points for store credit or gifts.

I think regulars like me will benefit and you'll get more customers. So it's a win-win, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I visited your Uptown botique for the first time after seeing ur clothes in Cleo. I was impressed by the reasonable price, although the tops' material isnt't fabulous. I bought two lovely tops and was very satisfy with my buying and wanted to buy more.
However, some tops, even S-size is a little too big for me. The sizes are not quite standard and I hope the S size will be a bit smaller as there are many small frames ppl like me who find it difficult to find a top that fit.
Not to mention, I couldn't wear your S-sized skirt as it is too loose.
Hope you can have smaller S or come out with XS and many of us will be grateful!

Lelek said...

Hi,agreed. Your S-size small is a little too big. There are some working dresses which I like it very much but at most times it is too big.
The fabric quality is just OK only. The laces on the top tends to drop at most times. If you can maintain a certain quality of the material and the design, it would be so great.