Monday, October 02, 2006

some of october 2006 new arrival

printed rayon dress
RM 69.90
RM 29.90

rayon dress with faux tube
RM 59.90

printed rayon wrap dress
RM 79.90

printed rayon dress
RM 69.90

jacket RM 45.90
italian silk pleat skirt
RM 39.90
camisole RM 15.90

knit cardigan
RM 25.90
camisole RM 15.90
printed skirt
RM 32.90
faux pearl necklace
RM 23.90
bag RM 49.90


Kristy said...

Can I know where can I get the Italian Silk Pleat skirt? And also what are the colours available?

littleblackbook said...

Hi Kristy

The Italian Silk skirt is available at
all outlets.

Available in cream, black and pink, and come in size S to L.

Thank you.

Evelyn said...

I have saw the collection of little black book in Cleo November 2006. I'm attracted to RUCHED BODICE DRESS and SATIN there any other colour?where can i get it and what size do you have.
tq said...

Hi evelyn,

Both dresses you can find it in USJ and Uptown branch. For the bodice dress, I think left pink and red only while the satin one comes in pink and purple. Both designs left about 1 piece per color in each outlet, most of it already sold out. Both designs come in free size.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can I know whether the 'rayon dress with faux tube' is it still available? If yes, which outlet and what are the sizes? said...


Tha rayon dress is free size and still available at Uptown outlet in Black, green, brown.