Sunday, September 24, 2006


left: satin pleat skirt RM 39.90

right: casual pants RM 39.90

striped casual top RM 15.90

knit cardigan RM 25.90


Anonymous said...

i wonder are all the range of clothes same in every branches?
It would be great if more pictures are posted.

littleblackbook said...


All branches have the same collections.

For shoes, bags and accessories is not available in Sungei Wang outlet.

Thank you

linda said...

may i know, when are you going to start your Raya sale?
can't to shop there!

- t Y m J - said...

i have just recently found out about your website and i think its awesome. though i think you could improve on the lighting quality of pics you display here....its kinda dark sometimes and the design and cut isn't very visible.
I love your skirts plus i have just recently bought one of your best seller which is the satin pleated skirt. I absolutely love it!
I'm wondering if you'd consider having loyalty card for loyal shoppers (such as me) so that we might feel rewarded when shopping at i think its a good marketing idea for brand loyalty :)
plus....i think you're doing great so far cuz i've visited almost all your shops in the klang valley and you never seem to fail me so keep up the good work!!!~

p/s: i would love to see more jackets and shirts in your outlet...thanks... :)

Anonymous said...

hi do u still have this pink satin pleat skirt ? said...


Yes we still have the satin pleat skirt. Please drop by any of our outlets and try it on.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I know this is like a little too late but do you still have the blue knit cardigan?

Watch This Space for Updates said...

Sorry, the blue knit cardigan already sold out. But we have something similar. Please check out in any of our outlets for more cardigans and knitwears.

Thank you.