Friday, August 11, 2006

Suggestions of the Month

As we are always improving our shopping experience for our customers We seek suggestions from our valued customers and the best suggestion of the month wins a RM 100 gift certificate from us.

Please send all your constructive suggestions to the comment section of this post or drop it in our suggestions box. Also include your email so that we can let you know if you are the lucky winner.


ashlin said...

I've been a regular of Little black book and i love the designs & range from casual to formal wear. Except i notice that the colour range for tops hardly differs. Perhaps you could bring in new designs in different tones/shades? Also i would love to see more prints and different materials.


Anonymous said...

hai,liesel here,im a regular customer of little black book,i found that the patterns of casual pants & long pants display were insufficient, beside this,shoes & accessories display in the show room have to improve.

jenbi said...

I've visited little black book a few times. However I wasn't able to get something that suit me. I must say the colour placment of the clothings were great, I knew exactly where to get what from which side according to the colours I want.
Suggestion: Perhaps you could suggest which clothes are suitable for which body type
For the skinny, the not so skinny, tall, short etc.

adeline said...

1. install white lighting in changing room rather than lazy, romantic yellow light so that ur customers will have better time making judgement and will definitely be in the mood to buy more!! ps:example like when u shopping for make-up.
2. more pants and accessories pls.. and must haves- bags and shoes!!! will never go wrong with them!!
3. i have been to L.B.B even before u have established so many branches (kudos to tat!!), but i realised tat most of the time when i tried on clothes, i realised tat there are lots clothes which are imperfectly done. for example being sew crooked. just to avoid 'rugi' stocks in future

lastly all the best..

Michelle said...

Hi..I love the design here especially on skrit..The design are unique and at an affordable price. Pls bring in more accessories and dinner wear...

Cheers !!!

nophie said...

went to LBB today and bought myself a unique and vintage-like jeans on an affordable price...thanks to you, i have something comfy to wear to college besides my old "need to be discarded" jeans =)

newayz, i find that you put too many clothes on one too small's good that you have loads of variety in design but the placement of the clothes somehow makes it looks too crowded and lost its "elegant" appeal...

i love the affordable price...but if you could try to improve on some of the clothings' materials then it would be perfect for your stores!! for your boutique, i recommend the use of better materials so that you can emphasize on comfort and elegance..and somehow, i agree with what adeline said #3

shoes and accessories may look more appealing if you put the counter up front or in the middle of the shop...i went to your "taipan" branch and the counter is way behind the shop...perhaps you can improvise on this? cos the way i see it, if you put these marvellous accesorries at the back, customers may have less interests in them cos they don't have the free access to it...

just my suggestions on my personal matter what...i still like your shop *would love it more if the points above are taken into action* =)

Fashionasia said...

Finally visited LBB for the first time on Sat. Went to the DU branch to get a birthday present for myself.
I must say that i love your line of clothes. I got myself a goucho pants...been looking for the perfect pair for ages! and i got a skirt for work too. Lovely.
My suggestion would be to place some stools/seat nearby the shoe section for us to try on the sandals. I initially saw a pretty sandal that i intended to try it on, but since it was a tie-o-ribbon kind, its so difficult to try them on and so i didn't bcause i couldnt find a place to sit.

Anonymous said...

hihi, i love LBB clothes as the price is affortable.however,i find that the design of tops are too similar in every color,and material too are the same, some really cant make the diff.maybe its good if u can bring in more tops in diff design,materials, colors and it will be great if u can have more new clothes by clearing all the old stock, cz whenever i walked in i can only notice the same old stocks, and its too pack, make me feel lazy to seek for the new stock. and we would like to have more shirts and and jacket for workin..:O)

CCSY said...

Im small size gal and hard for me to actually fit into any jacket but i was so happy tat i could use little black book's(L.B.B) jacket.I was so excited till i actually bought a few colours of the same design..Coz its really hard to find jacket for my size!

I would suggest tat L.B.B to have a smaller size for the formal pants and a different variety of colours for the jackets..As i notice that all the different design have the same variety of colours.Or maybe u guys shd have a more colourful skirts..and more designable..erm not just plain skirts..

davelynne said...

LLB, do you have any delivery services to Sabah and Sarawak if I make an order from you?

p/s: I just love those apparels!

littleblackbook said...

Hi Davelynne,

For delivery, please send us a email at and we will get back to you asap.


Women of Wisdom (WOW) said...

I was at your store for the 1st time at Uptown by accident. Took my mom and daugther for a shopping spree. Anyway, I must say the variety of your clothes are WOW except that they don't have my size. So, maybe it will be good to cater for extra large in sizes cause so happen that there was another lady asked if you sell extra large dresses.
And the girls at the cashier was not very friendly, maybe because they don't understand our language.
Hope this is not too much of info for you but I really felt you have something nice at your store and I will really love to visit again.

~ w i n t e r ~ said...

was just at LBB Uptown branch... i'm often there with my girls and well, we love ur store!


MORE mirrors would be nice... i don't know if it's the same case in ur other branches as i have yet to go there. but there's only one in ur Uptown branch, with the exception of those in the fitting rooms...


could we get more evening/cocktail dresses in at affordable prices?


SooNie said...

I don't have much comments about your outlet as i think you have enough suggestions from everyone else. However, there are a few aspects in which you can improve on your website.

1. you can have sections and archives (currently your archive is only choronological). Maybe divide into sections like "casual" and "formal" with subsections for jackets, tops, skirts, accesories, etc.

2. add more details for each product - availibility of sizes and colors, material used, available at which branch, etc

3. you can have a "feature" section in which u can provide a few ensembles with prices and description to help your viewers piece the articles of clothing together

4. you can have a "style advisor" on your site to receive emails (inquiries) from your viewers on your clothing line and you can reply to them to foster a relationship (hey, maybe you can have that in your physical stores too!)

As it is a "blog" and not a actual website, I am not sure if it can work but you can try it out :)
i guess i'm suggesting this because i think there are ppl like me out there who loves browsing online before heading over to the outlet.
anyways, GOOD LUCK! :)

Anonymous said...

HI!just went to taipan branch the other day,I must say I really like the pink wall colour.that was what attracted me in the first place.
I do like the variety of skirts and the price are affordable.
However on that day the air condition was not working properly so after changing,I felt really warm.the fitting room was ok but as the floor was not tiled,taking out shoes to try on clothes felt gross.
So, maybe it will be good to have that small section carpeted or tiled up and have more full length mirrors so that we gals can have a blast looking through the clothes.
Thank you n GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Though I've just started to discover your store, I felt there's a need to change of mirrors in your fitting room to a full lenght one's (esp on Sg.Wang's outlet)......besides giving us a better impression on the apparel we're wearing , we could also see how well does your accessories goes with the clothes; i.e shoes!!!
And I do hope to see some accessories like bags & shoes to be displayed over in Sg. Wang otlet.

Miss A

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've heard a lot about your shop and definitely would like to visit it soon !

Your pricing are very attractive if to compare with other clothings brands which is available in KL.

I suggest that you sell evening handbags too since your range includes dresses too. The festive season is coming very soon and i'm sure your client will hope to be able to find the perfect dress & bag at one stop !

Cheers... said...


We do have evening bags to complement our range of dresses. Please feel free to drop by any of our 3 outlets to view it. Price range from RM49.90 to RM89.90.

Thank you.