Friday, August 18, 2006

New for this week

Cotton Lace Top RM 32.90
Linen Pants RM 39.90

Chiffon Tube Dress RM 89.90

Knit Cardigan RM 29.90
Camisole RM 15.90
Chiffon Skirt RM 39.90

Rayon Spandex Top with Brooch RM 25.90
Embroideries Skirt RM 39.90

Jacket RM 45.90
Camisole RM 15.90
Pencil Skirt RM

Knit Lace Cardigan RM 25.90
Camisole RM 15.90
Cotton Skirt RM 35.90


Anonymous said...

I would like to check out the black chiffon skirt,..... and since this piece has been posted during August, I'm wondering is it still available?
If yes, which outlet still has it?
By the way,I fit into size M.
Please let me know, as I'm planning to drop by this coming weekend.Thanks!

Miss A

littleblackbook said...

Hi Miss A,

Yes still available at all outlets

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to enquire about the green chiffon evening dress (august 18 entry) and the black chiffon dress (july 18 entry), do you still have it and if you do, how can I acquire it? Thank you.

From, Curious. said...

Hi Curious,

Sorry the green chiffon tube dress is out of stock. But we will have something similar coming on early Dec.
As for the black chiffon dress, there's a few pieces left in Hartamas outlet, only in dark purple, black and white with polka dot.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for your help.

From, Curious.