Wednesday, December 23, 2009

54279011 MYR59.90 BLACK SM

54279141 MYR59.90 PURPLE SM

54279321 MYR59.90 GRAY SM

54249011 MYR59.90 BLACK SM

542492431 MYR59.90 NAVY SM

54249371 MYR59.90 SILVER SM

54244011 MYR59.90 BLACK SM

542442431 MYR59.90 NAVY SM

54244371 MYR59.90 SILVER SM

54278011 MYR59.90 BLACK SM

54278371 MYR59.90 SILVER SM

54278021 MYR59.90 WHITE SM

54248011 MYR59.90 BLACK SM

54248231 MYR59.90 BLUE SM

54248151 MYR59.90 D.PURPLE SM

54277409 MYR59.90 BLACK F

54277409 MYR59.90 PURPLE F

54277409 MYR59.90 RED F

42225011 MYR29.90 BLACK SML

42225321 MYR29.90 GRAY SML

42224011 MYR17.90 BLACK SML

42224121 MYR17.90 PINK SML

42224021 MYR17.90 WHITE SML

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi lbb!
i'm 1 of ur new fashion fan. i ever dropped by at ur store in Uptown once n i can say ur collections are stunning especially the handbags!
now i'm into online shopping as im travelling to east malaysia, on for something. jez 1 lil question,do u accept credit card to do purchase? tq
-miss K-