Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Only available at Bangsar, Damansara Uptown & USJ Branches


Anonymous said...

Hi. I have just purchase one of little.balck.book merchandise 2 days ago. It was a short pants code 22060031 MYR 39.90 BROWN L size. Perhaps I was not wary that time. After i got home retry on the pants, only by then i notice that the pants feels different!!! Both the legs width opening are not the same. The left leggings width is 1 inch less than the right leggings!!! When i went back to the shop ask for an exchanged, the shop assistant told me that the one I bought was the last piece of my size. I feel not satisfied as i spent to get the things which is not to my expectation. Is there any way i can get my money refund back or get an exchange from a different outlet????

little.black.book said...


Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Normally you can have it exchange in another LBB outlets subject to availability.
Can you pls send us an email so that we can get back to you asap on this matter?
Please let us know which outlet you bought from as well in order for us to further improve on the customer service for this particular outlet.
Please email to littleblackbook.my@gmail.com

Thank you.