Monday, August 18, 2008

code: 45024 RM55.90

code: 45019 RM59.90

code: 45020 RM55.90

code: 45021 RM55.90

code: 45022 RM57.90

code: 45023 RM55.90

code: 29880 RM39.90

code: 42051 RM59.90

code: 42052 RM39.90

code: 42057 RM59.90

code: 44024 RM17.90

code: 11050 RM39.90

code: 26044 RM37.90

code: 26045 RM35.90

code: 29869 RM42.90

code: 29870 RM42.90


dla said...

i wish ur manufacturer/tailor can design a long sleeve shirt or dress. I really love the number in code 45025 and 26045.

Anonymous said...

hi ,whats ur biggest size for shoes 29870

Hafizah said...

Hi dla,

Yes we do have long sleeve shirt. Please visit our outlets to view our long sleeve collection.

Hi Hafizah,

Our shoes size range from size 36 to 40.