Wednesday, June 11, 2008

colourful bangles RM7.90 to RM15.90

metal earrings RM5.90 to RM12.90

lacquer and shell earrings RM7.90 to RM12.90

chain necklace RM19.90

necklaces RM19.90 to RM23.90

necklace RM29.90

necklace RM29.90

pendant necklaces RM29.90

printed satin hairbands RM7.90 to RM9.90

A to Z keychains RM12.90

charm bracelets RM15.90

lacquer keychains RM7.90 to RM9.90

beads necklace RM19.90

big floral dress RM59.90
necklace RM29.90

polka tube dress RM59.90
necklace RM23.90

printed short dress RM59.90
necklace RM29.90

spaghetti striped dress RM49.90
bag RM39.90

satin hairband RM7.90 to RM9.90

printed halter dress RM59.90

sip it up tee RM17.90
short pants RM39.90

floral tube top RM39.90
denim RM42.90
necklace RM19.90

printed halter dress RM59.90
tier necklace RM35.90


Miss Bimbo said...

i've been looking for those turquoise bead necklace. do you courier? said...

Hi Miss Bimbo,

Yes we do online sales. Please refer to the right column for details.

Thank you.

aroom said...

really nice and cool dress and batik.. said...

hi aroom,

thank you. glad to know that you like our collections.

aweuj said...

i just bought a dress in ur boutique today.ur staff was very friendly & i'd love to shop there again.. said...

hi aweuj,

Glad to hear that. Do let us know if there's anything we can further improve on. See ya soon.