Tuesday, March 04, 2008

pleat mini skirt RM35.90

high waist skirt RM39.90

zebra baby tee RM17.90

pretty doll keychain/bag accessories RM12.90

tri-tone bangle RM12.90

glamour bangle RM15.90

polka dot bangle RM12.90

embroidery rayon blouse RM29.90

69 baby tee RM17.90

help me baby tee RM17.90

music tape tee RM17.90

yepping tee RM17.90

cotton blouse RM45.90

bow blouse RM47.90

satin ribbon skirt RM45.90

ruched sleeve top RM29.90


KinKyBiatCh said...

hi there! i totally love ur store when i 1st walk in to it yesterday at Subang Parade! just curious, for the item of tri-tone bangle and ruched sleeve top, can i know where i could get it? reply plz??? *shows puppy eyes*

little.black.book said...

Hi sis,

Both designs are still available at our Subang Parade, Uptown, USJ Taipan and Desa Sri Hartamas outlets. See ya there.
And oh we love seeing your puppy eyes...cheers.

KinKyBiatCh said...

i did went to SP back n check out W3..and i was soooo dissapointed!! *sob sob*

i found the bracelet bangle but i had a hard time trying to get it on.. and the top..there wasnt any black anyone and they sales person said that u guys dont do re-stocks.. i'm sooo sad.. *sob sob*

KinKyBiatCh said...

opss...typo error.. no more black ruched sleeve top and the sales person (which was soo uber awesome friendly!)

btw, thanks for the compliments! ^^