Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Arrival

Shirt Dress RM92.90

Embroidery Cotton Blouse RM37.90

Lycra dress with graphic print RM49.90

Printed Rayon Top RM35.90

Pants with embroidery pocket RM39.90

Lycra with floral print wrap dress RM83.90

Spandex bi color tube RM32.90

Tri-color mini dress RM39.90

Victorian style satin blouse RM39.90

Rayon top RM32.90

Lycra tube dress RM45.90


Anonymous said...

i've recently become a member of the little sisters club (registered in subang parade branch) id like to know if i will be updated with the latest promotions or arrival via sms. as the raya season is juz around the corner, id like to be updating my wordrobe with trends from lil black book. tq :)

p/s: i luv ur designs so much!!

Anonymous said...

i like wearing heels. is it possible for little black book to come up with heels that doesn't sore the legs even after long hours of walking and standing?

little.black.book said...

Hi Sisters,

Our outlets are updated with new designs every week. All our sisters will be updated via sms or email every time we have a new promotions.

Most of our shoes (especially the heels type) come with cushioning for extra comfort.

Please drop by our outlets as much as you can especially with the raya season just around the corner.

See ya sisters.

Adriena said...

Which outlet have this spandex tube dress collection? I love the red!

little.black.book said...

Hi Adriena,

The red tube dress is available at all outlets.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to your Sri Hartamas outlet today, and I have to say that the attitude of your sales assistant could be improved. Not only she never assist me in finding the shirt dress I saw in the website, she's quite stingy in giving smiles too. I guess it must be her bad day today.

little.black.book said...


Thanks a lot for informing us of our staffs service. We will improve on our service. Please do let us know if there's any improvements on your next visit.

By the way, did you manage to find the shirt dress that you was looking for?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hai, I like the tube dress but red and green don't look good on me. I know its silly to ask, do you have other colours beside these?

little.black.book said...


Nothing is silly to ask us sister. The tube top also available in black.

See ya

Anonymous said...

I sent an e-mail to order the tube dress on monday(i think) but still haven't get a reply on the payment method, can you check for me? I intended to buy that dress for a special occasion which is in another two weeks, please reply as soon as possible?

little.black.book said...


Can you please send us an email of your particulars? So that we can check whether we receive your order request.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.