Monday, March 26, 2007 @ Bangsar
Now Open at
No. 7 Ground Floor Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar, Kuala lumpur
Tel: 03-22877731 @ Bangsar

Opening Promotions
  • Little Price Period Sales extended! (all branches)
  • Free beauty voucher with RM100.00 purchase in a single receipt (all branches)
  • Free little sisters club's membership cards with any purchase (for first 100 customers & valid at Bangsar branch only)


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

wOw.. wEe..
how come i just knew u guys here at blogspot...

nadia said...

Hai audrey... Congrats on the opening of the new outlet :)

viexora said...

do you offer delivery by post?

because i'm livin in jb said...

Hi Nadia,

Thanks. Hope to see you soon!

Hi viexora,

Sorry we do not have any delivery service yet. Thanks.

Shereen said...

Hi there,

Firstly, congratulations on the opening of your new outlet in Bangsar!

I do have some feedback though. Several pairs of work pants and 3/4 pants i bought seem to have split at the seams and exhausted zippers. The fit is right and not tight but somehow the zippers can never seem to stay up and splits can be discovered upon the first few wears :(

Just the pants, the other tops and dresses i bought are in great condition despite numerous washing and wear.

eva said...

i just stumbled upon ur blog and everything's so lovely! anyway,
in ur previous entry dated feb 16, there was a black & white strip printed tube top. i was wonderin if it is still available? i REALLY REALLY do want it asap. hehe. so nice! said...

Hi Eva,

We still have limited stocks for the black & white strip tube at our Desa Sri Hartamas outlet.

Thank you. said...

Hi Shereen,

Thank you for highlighting the zipper problem to us. We will inform our suppliers to improve on their zip quality. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Near La Bodega,is it the one at the Bangsar Shopping Center outlet?
The one that the bus passes by...I really want to go to a LBB outlet,but I need public transport and I don't know whether there is any to LBB. said...

Our bangsar outlet is located at Telawi 2 (opposite La Bodega, next to Dry Cut), not the BSC La Bodega but in the Telawi shoplots area. It is accessible by public transport as there is a bus stop just at the main road.

Melalyn Ng said...


I bought a pink and black pencil skirt from the Bangsar outlet today. Absolutely gorgeous! :) I must commend on your staff again. Friendly, helpful, smiley, and not intimidating! white skirt which has 3 buttons, one of the button-hole was way too small. No prob, I could cut it a little and it can be fastened. Also, I realised that even though the skirts were both the same cutting, same size but in different colours the, the waist measurement differed about half an inch. :( Thank God the fabric is stretchable. I'm happy with my purchase still. :)

I only tried the pink one you see, so I only realised this when I got home. Keep up the good work, all at!

Melalyn Ng said...

I'm sorry I meant WHITE, not black.typo. said...

Hi Melalyn,

Thank you for your comments. We will further improve on our quality.

Thank you.