Friday, February 16, 2007

There is always something new in every time you visit us......

striped rayon top RM 29.90

linen skirt RM 39.90

chain belt RM25.90

printed tube
RM 32.90

RM 32.90


RM 29.90

halter neck top

RM 39.90

2-piece top
RM 29.90

denim jeans
RM 49.90

RM 29.90

cotton lace top
RM 35.90

printed skirt
RM 39.90

polka-dot tube dress
RM 79.90

RM 29.90

rayon top
RM 29.90

RM 37.90

chain belt
RM 25.90

cotton blouse
RM 35.90


keili said...

i absolutely love the halter neck top.

do you have any discounts for students? said...

Hi Keili,

Glad to know that you like our designs.

If you are a little sisters club's member, you'll get 10% discount when you purchase 3 pieces & above (discount applicable for normal price items only).

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jessica said...

isit possible to ship to somewhere else overseas? said...

Hi Jessica,

Which country would you want your goods to ship to?


kristie said...

hi LBB,

I just bought 3 tops from your usj outlet today. Just want to check if it is possible to change a top after purchase? the reason is because my sis asked me to buy a blouse for her that she saw the last time she was there, but i bought the wrong one, it costs rm35.90. Can i just swap with another blouse of the same/higher price? i have the receipt with me.

Kindly advise, thanks. said...

Hi Kristie,

Can you provide us with your email address? You can send to us at

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

the cotton blause rm35.90. can u email me more clearer pics on this? the color is not clear. also the size and available color. thanks.


Anna said...

I love the printed tube (black n white with a tie-ribbon).

pix: DSC02284.

Do you still have it?

I would really love to own one.. said...

Hi Anna,

The printed tube is still available at Uptown outlet.

Thank you.