Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Submit your favourite designs.

You can send in sketches, photos, magazine's cut outs of your favourite apparel designs.

Send in as many designs as you want, be it evening dresses, casual jackets, dressy tops, comfy pants, trendy skirts, anything goes. You got the ideas, we want it.

The winners of each design category:

Best Dress

Best Top

Best Jacket / Cardigan

Best Skirt

Best Pant

will see their designs in our stores and receive a complimentary outfit from us.

Send in your apparel designs to Do include any relevant info such as your full name, contact details and designs details.


Anonymous said...

when is this ending? said...

The contest ends when we have receive enough designs. But you can still continue to submit your designs there after. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Do measurements need to be included and do I need to give a back view as well? said...

You can provide whatever designs that you have. Thanks

Anonymous said...

can i send in as many entries as i like? said...


Yes, you can send in as many designs as you like.

Anonymous said...

contest ended? said...


Yes the contest has ended.

But if you have any favourite designs that you want to share with us, please email us.

Thank you.