Wednesday, October 18, 2006

left :
printed rayon wrap dress RM79.90

printed rayon dress RM79.90

kimono dress RM79.90

cotton top (inside) RM32.90
knitted cardigan RM35.90
polka dot skirt w belt RM35.90

printed top RM32.90
chiffon skirt RM39.90

top RM32.90
denim RM39.90
belt RM29.90
bag RM45.90

printed blouse RM35.90
satin skirt RM39.90

from RM29.90 to RM39.90


Anonymous said...

Are those belts (orange with a bow and white) available in Sg Wang outlet?

Anonymous said...

are these new stuffs available in all the branches ?

Lingy said...

Lovely! What a lovely wrap dress. I can't wait to make my regular fortnightly stop at the Taipan outlet to try on THAT dress! said...


The new arrivals are available at Damansara Uptown, USJ and Hartamas.

Sorry to inform that Sg. Wang outlet will cease operation on 29 Oct as the promotion period has expired.

deeva said...

Hi Audrey!

I really like the printed black rayon dress.
It's so pretty and chic.
Pity they dont come in sizes.

Looking forward to more of those pieces!

Anonymous said...

Cease operation? I thought the one in Sg Wang is permanent.

Please advise.


Anonymous said...

I love your kimono dress so much that i bought 2 of it in different shades!

Was just wondering if you have any plans of introducing a loyalty card where frequent patrons can get a discount off the many great pieces you have :)

That would give a great boost to my
shopaholic ways. Hehe.. said...


Sg Wang outlet is a temporary lot for 2 months promotion. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know the printed wrap dress comes in what color?and Does USj outlet still having it? said...


Sorry the wrap dress is out of stock.

But we have more new arrivals for dress next week.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a nice elegant red dress for my dinner coming this sat because the theme of the night is Red. But I couldnt find it in your outlet. =( There will be new arrivals next week?will it be red?hehe I wonder if you could advice on how to match my dinner theme maybe on dressing wise or accessories wise.. appreciate that alot! said...


It's great to attend party especially for girls. We get to dress up and so. But the problem of finding the right dress can be quite troublesome sometimes.

Well your theme is Red. We have a few simple chiffon dress that you might be interested. They comes in shade of Dark Pink and Rose colour. You can go to any of the outlets and ask our sales staffs for assistant. Each outlet only got 3 pieces for each color so make your trip to our outlet asap.

See you.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Does your USj outlet has the dress you mention? the chiffon dress in dark pink and rose color?or do you mind telling me which outlet has these dress? Thanks a lot for your prompt reply! said...


The dress is available in all outlets and while stock last.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, May I know usually which outlet will have the new design 1st and which is the last to have it? and do you mind telling me whens the exact date of your new designs will be coming in next week?

TQVM said...


All outlets receive the new arrivals on the same day every week. Sometimes we have new arrivals every day. Please pop in to our store whenever you are free and enquire with our friendly sales staffs on the new arrivals.

Thank you.