Wednesday, August 02, 2006 weekend

Cotton Tube Top
RM 29.90

Knee-lenght Blue Denim
RM 37.90

Halter Rayon Spandex Top
RM 25.90

Knee-lenght Cotton Pants
RM 32.90

Satin Dress
RM 79.90

Rayon Spandex Top w Flower Brooch
RM 25.90

Knee-lenght Stretch Pants
RM 37.90 trendy 9 to 5

Spaghetti Tank Top
RM 15.90

Knitted Cardigan
RM 25.90

Cotton Skirt
RM 32.90

Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt
RM 29.90

Sleeveless Rayon Top
RM 25.90

Knee-lenght Skirt
RM 32.90

Cotton Blouse
RM 29.90

Printed Skirt
RM 32.90


Jayelle said...

heyyy!! thanks for dropping by my blog..i didn't know you read me.

well, actually i DIDN't know little black book would actually have a blog. wow..

i've seen your shop in Taipan.. but didn't get a chance to go in.:) I love the decor.. at least from the outside.:) Will pay a visit sometime soon!

sarah said...

are all the clothes i see modeled here available at all 3 outlets?

cyber-red said...


i noticed your shop in hartamas..would definitely drop by soon =) and thanks for the encouraging words.

btw, you might like to put your address in your profile on the blog because if you keep on updating your blog the post is going to go and we won't be able to know where is this fabulous shop is, won't we?

littleblackbook said...

Hi Sarah,

Yes the designs are available at all outlets.

See ya!

Ang Gu Gu said...

yea..nice shop..will drop by in future =p

naddy said...

hi audrey... u should bring in more 'bigger sizes' for those who are on the chubbier side :)

littleblackbook said...

hi naddy,

thanks for your suggestions. we're bringing in size 'L' stage by stage

Fashionasia said...

Love your clothes, reasonably priced item too. Will drop by for the shoes! :>
Do i get discounts if i mention Fashionasia?hah

Anonymous said...

by arranging ur clothes according to their colors was not appealing at all coz all d clothes looked same at one glance.maybe u should try arranging them according to their patterns.although i was not attracted wen i went to ur shop in usj but after seeing ur website i was impressed n would like to visit ur shop again.